We Can All Be Here T-Shirt
  • We Can All Be Here T-Shirt

    This shirt features our iconic "Here" pose. We took our faces away from these photos, and kept our complexions because we want anyone to picture themselves in this position. We imagined children and adults looking at their own shirt, and saying I could be this 15 White Coat or that one. IT WAS INTENTIONAL. 


    Each of the 15 White Coats penned their memory of this moment. Many of us expressed this euphoric feeling of being watched by the ancestors. An imagination of them looking down upon us and expressing their joy in our resilience, our bravery, our presence, our awareness to never forget how far we have come. We believe this is why WE are able to overcome the systemic vices in place to our detriment. Wear this shirt with PRIDE and explain the reasoning behind it. 


    It is important for us to note that EVERY dollar spent with The 15 White Coats goes back to the community. Not one dollar goes into the pockets of the members. We believe this is our opportunity to make GENERATIONAL CHANGE. 


      We ship within the 50 U.S. states using USPS First Class mailing. We are NOT able to ship to any P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO addresses.

      Orders are typically received within 10-14 days.


      It is beyond important to us that medicine is diversified. Every dollar we generate from sales goes towards those efforts in the ways outlined in our mission. That's our way of having a social justice impact.