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The Funding the Future Physicians Initiative is a robust, comprehensive program aimed at diversifying medicine. It is funded by Genentech and spearheaded by The 15 White Coats. The program seeks to prepare underrepresented minority students from HBCUs, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, and Indigenous-serving Institutions for medical school and equip them with the tools, resources, and mentorship needed to succeed in healthcare.

This 6-month, virtual cohort program, conceived by The 15 White Coats, offers a holistic approach supporting MCAT preparation, mentorship, personal statement crafting, interview preparedness, culturally-attuned mental conditioning, and financial aid for 50 students from HBCU, Hispanic-serving, and Indigenous-serving institutions. Each participant receives aid worth over $5,000. Set to commence in November 2023, we're liaising with U.S. medical schools to amplify the visibility and readiness of our initiative's students.


Application Opens: August 21, 2023 at 9:00 am CT

Applications Close: October 15, 2023 at 11:59 pm CT

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Sydney C. Labat, MD

Co-Founder and Vice President, The 15 White Coats
Anesthesiology Resident

A Message from...
R.J. Ledet, MD and Sydney Labat, MD, Co-Founders of The 15 White Coats

We have led The 15 White Coats since its inception, and plan to diversify medicine in a way it's never been done before. This initiative is a culmination of years of hard work to find enough funding to truly prepare the next generation of diverse healthcare professionals. Come and learn how to ensure your student applies and is selected!

Russell J. Ledet, MD, PhD, MBA

Co-Founder and President, The 15 White Coats
Pediatrics/General Psychiatry/ Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Resident

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Funding the Future Physicians Initiative

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