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Our Team

The 15 White Coats, INC., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is led by Drs. Russell Ledet and Sydney Labat, as well as Dr. Rachel Turner and Student Doctor Brian Washington.


The original 15 White Coats in the iconic photo are physicians at various stages of training. 


Board Of Directors


Meet Our Executive Director
Lisa Batiste

Dedication to the cognitive advancement of students defines Lisa Batiste, an esteemed educator and visionary leader. As the Executive Director of The 15 White Coats, Lisa's journey is an embodiment of her passion for education, fortified by a diverse background that exemplifies her commitment to shaping young minds.


Lisa's academic voyage commenced at Southern University and A&M College, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry with a focus on Organic Chemistry. Here, she also emerged as an Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry, a role that set the stage for her lifelong dedication to nurturing intellectual growth. Lisa later pursued a Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology, equipping herself with innovative tools to craft effective learning experiences. This intersection of academia and teaching underscored her zeal for empowering students through knowledge.


Her journey took a monumental leap when she conceived the original tutor training modules for the Center for Academic Success at Louisiana State University, a milestone that led to the center's recognition with the 2006 Presidential Award. This accomplishment solidified Lisa's reputation as a dynamic architect of education.


Lisa's professional journey ventured into high school education, where she served as the head science teacher, imparting wisdom across disciplines like Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. However, shortly thereafter she returned to her roots at LSU, and rose to the prestigious position of Senior Program Manager for the largest STEM undergraduate scholarship program in existence. Her five-year tenure witnessed her co-authoring four curriculum-approved courses that aimed to elevate academic confidence and enrich learning outcomes. This trajectory culminated in invitations to the renowned Gordon Research Conference—an international platform that celebrates frontier research across various scientific domains—where Lisa's contributions spurred the development of multimillion-dollar STEM scholarship initiatives.


Lisa's transformative influence extended to her role as a Systemwide Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs, where she revitalized an entire university system's grants and contracts office. She was successful in bringing many successful funding opportunities to the university system.


Lisa’s rich academic background, combined with her profound influence in student success, program design and implementation, instructional design and educational leadership, defines her as a true luminary and a key force behind The 15 White Coats' pursuit of excellence.