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The 15 White Coats Scholarship Work

2021 Calm App Subscription Scholarship

$1,400 to 20 Recipients: November and December

Bennetta C. Horne AMEC Scholarship

$1,000 for registration and travel to SNMA AMEC Conference Yearly

  • Millicent Oluwale, MD (2021)

  • Jonathan Deck (2022)

2021 Future Physician Scholarship

$400 to 10 Medical School Applicants

2022 UWorld Subscription Scholarship for both the MCAT and USMLE STEP 1 and 2

10 Recipients totaling ~$5,000

2021 Reflective Visionary Scholarship

$250 to 10 Graduating High School Graduates

2023 USMLE STEP 1/2/3 Monthly Scholarship (July '23-Dec'23)

Still active

Greetings from The 15 White Coats team! We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking "Funding the Future Physicians Initiative", graciously backed by Genentech. Our journey took off from a poignant photograph of 15 black medical students at a significant plantation, symbolizing tenacity and resolve. In 2023, our goal surpassed that iconic moment as we strive to enhance diversity in the field of medicine and inspire upcoming healthcare leaders.

Thanks to Genentech's unwavering support, we were able to amplify our mission, offering essential financial aid and guidance for minority students with aspirations in the medical realm. Our steadfast belief is that diversity refines healthcare. With Genentech's collaboration, we're transforming this belief into tangible outcomes. Be part of our enduring mission to transcend obstacles and uplift future medical practitioners.

🔍 About the Initiative:
This 6-month, virtual cohort program, conceived by The 15 White Coats, offers a holistic approach supporting MCAT preparation, mentorship, personal statement crafting, interview preparedness, culturally-attuned mental conditioning, and financial aid for 50 students from HBCU, Hispanic-serving, and Indigenous-serving institutions. Each participant receives aid worth over $5,000. With the second cohort set to commence in November 2024, our ongoing liaising with U.S. medical schools to amplify the visibility and readiness of our initiative's students continues. Click Here to watch the 2023 Information Webinar

📅 Scholarship Application Submission: 

Scholarship application opens again August 2024!

2023. Funding The Future Physicians

Opens again, August 2024!

FTFP Scholarship

In The News


A Group of Black Tulane University Medical Students Posed At A Plantation To Show How The Past Inspired Their Future

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